Neuromuscular Re-education (NMR)

    Any time you re-train or re-model some aspect of your neuromuscular system, you are using NMR. Your nerves (including the brain and spinal cord) and muscles (including fascial structures) are integrated into a complete and whole system. When guided well, your muscles and nerves interact along optimal paths to create new conditioning. Training one, trains the other; improvement in one, improves the other. Integrated NMR training simultaneously optimizes performance, improves motivation by improved results, and reduces injury in physical and athletic pursuits.












NMR includes:
  • Strengthening muscles and tendons through weight lifting or functional resistance

  • Conditioning using activity-specific exercises and environmental demands

  • Rehabilitating injury and surgical repairs, learning the new capabilities, and integrating them through therapeutic exercises

  • Learning new skills, such as expert cycling maneuvers

  • Applying alternative methods such as mental or verbal training

Any guided change in the neuromuscular system would be considered NMR, the specialty of Shank Productions, LLC.

We utilize comprehensive and scientifically proven assessment tools to guide and direct you toward achieving your physical or athletic goals.

Contact us and begin the process into your optimal solutions.

Scot Willingham MA, ACSM, CSCS, USAC

  • Customized strength, conditioning, and flexibility

  • Activity-specific programming

  • Biomechanical analysis and coaching
  • Coaching and teaching evaluation

  • Improving practice organization

  • Optimizing practice skills
  • Presentations

  • Continuing education

  • Evaluation

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